Established in 2014 we decided to take a journey of promoting leading brands into various market segments, providing solutions to suit our customer needs in the Roto Moulding and Epoxy Composites industries.

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​We distribute AXEL roto-molding and composite release agents, providing either a water-based hazardous free, or solvent-based release agent, various cleaners, and pigment strippers allowing a smooth release of parts. We also cover a variety of mold maintenance products for cast iron, fabricated sheet metal, and aluminum molds for Roto Moulding applications and for Epoxy or Vinyl- or Poly Ester molds for Composite applications.
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  • WEST SYSTEMS Epoxy Resin aimed at the Marine industry for laminating, sheathing, and bonding of Wooden, Composite, and Aluminium boats;
  • PRO-SET Epoxy Structural Adhesives and Resins for both infusion and laminating applications, aimed at the marine, noncritical aerospace, automotive & motor racing, and kayaking industry;
  • ENTROPY Clear casting and laminating resins are used for clear castings like river tables, jewelry, crafting, and tabletop coatings and the laminating resin is a bio-sourced Super Sap product predominantly used in the surfboard industry.

​Professional  pneumatic and hand tools are always required  in both of the above industries and we, therefore, carry a range of Jonnesway professional tools, and the leading brand of Sunmight abrasives. The  Sunmight Gold range sanding discs offer a Velcro back with a non-tear film allowing maximum use of a disc before replacement.
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